Romancing the Curve

Romancing the Curve

In 2017, we see Romance emerging from the constraints of Modernity’s straight lines. Soft curves, plush fabrics, and femininity are in and we are in love!

Blackman Cruz, Peyote Chair, Photo: David W Ross

We are done with sanitary and safe, knowing that this year will be dominated by designs that are deeply contemplative and loudly emotive - a reflection of our desire to create spaces that, from their initial conception, are meant to stimulate our psyche. 


Dimore Studio, Salon di Mobile 2016, Photo: Paola Pansini

Designed to create atmospheres, these new objects are both futuristic and ancestral, invigorating and warm. Large scale light fixtures take the center stage, glowing and radiant as did people’s first fires.

Dimore Studio, Photo: Simone Fiorini

Every piece has a purpose beyond comfort. Chairs support our bodies and enhance our experience. They seduce and make us feel lux. Each object as is in love with us as we are with them. 

Faye Toogood, Roly Poly and Spade chairs, Photo: Tobias Harvey

Romance is also exuberant. Some of our favorite pieces include this console that celebrates music and demands our uttermost attention. 


Apartment on Avenue Foch, Paris, Photo: François Coquerel / direction: Thibaut Mathieu

Romantic curves are not just a trend in transition, they bring hospitality back and transform how we interact with the environments we inhabit. Like a great server, these predict our desires and invite us to chill out and nurture the mind and the spirit. 

Claesson Koivisto Rune, Bonsai DDC

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